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Jumat, 20 Januari 2017

Let Me Tell You Something That You Must Be Scare Of

First thing first, Im gonna tell you how to impress your crush and make her think that you are smart af.

Here's how:

1. Write something smart, and
2. Write in English.

Got it? Okay, Let me show you how.

Several days ago I read a book, my old one, about an unique disorder that you might already knew. It called Abnormal Psychology (you peeps should have it). I got it at Togamas Bookshop in Malang, a couples of years ago, when I was in college.

In order to make all of you get it well, I'm gonna make this paper as simple as possible yet completely enough to explain it all (Seriously, you guys/girls should read this). First, major things to explain about Eating Disorder are:

1. What is eating disorder?
2. How many types of eating disorder?
3. How is the prevalance?
4. What are biological factors that lead us to eating disorder?

I'm gonna use story telling method to write it all down, everything, about eating disorder. So, if you are wondering about eating disorder, you can examine your own self just in case you have one of these symptoms. And the symptoms are:

1. You feel kind of dissatisfaction about your body shape 
2. You feel that you are goddamn fatty even though the fact is you are underweight.
3. You keep negatively evaluate your body and that happens frequently, like every time.

So? Those 3 are the main point about how to get to be somebody with eating disorder. Please kindly evaluate how your mind works about weight stuff and body shape.

Next, what are the types of eating disorder?

1. Anorexia Nervosa

The main symptom is you extremely avoid to consume anything to eat in order to loss your weight. Crazy. huh? Anorectic people believe that they are just too fat to eat so they don't want to gain some weight by eating even the fact is they don't look that way. They extremely beyond thin. Like super duper skinny. It could happen because they got misperception about their body shape and weight. Having this kind of eating disorder is very dangerous, it can cause death.

2. Bulimia Nervosa

People with bulimia is similar with anorectic, thing makes it different is they still want to eat even in high or large amount of food. They eat unsually amount of food in unsually times. BUT! but people with bulimia nervosa do some compensatory behavior to balance what they have been consuming in order to not gaining some weight. The compensatory behavior are : purging (trying to puke after eat a lot and using some meds to make you diarrhea), fasting, and also doing extreme exercises. Those compensatory behavior is just to ensure that they are not gaining weight after eating. The massive difference in look between anorexia and bulimia is usually people with bulimia got a normal body shape, they don't look like too skinny like anorectic, and it has lower risk to cause death rather than anorexia nervosa.

3. Binge Eating Disorder

People with binge eating is overly eating in unusual times. They eat even when they are not hungry and it is hard for them to stop eating even they definitely full and enough with foods. They eat a lot without compensatory behavior and it also correlate with obesity. What happened after that? people with binge eating disorder always haunted by regrettable thought after doing their unusual weird behavior.

The prevalance abour eating disorder is mainly happen to female rather than male. Prevalance of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa comes with ratio 10 : 1 for female and male. Prevalance of binge eating disorder comes with ratio 1,5 : 1 for female and male. So, the question is : WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? Why is female having higher risk to experience eating disorder rather than male?

The answer is :

1. Social Life

Our society values a female gender role resembling the "superwoman". A woman with great career, happy marriage and family, active social life, and good looks. The superwoman ideal intersects as well with how ideal woman are portrayed in media (example: fashion model). This can effect how girls and women evaluates themselves. So, they are gonna get to think that the more skinny the more beautiful I am.

2. Biological Factors

Certain biological vulnerabilities may be expressed differently in women and men. Dieting to reduce weight may lower serotonin functioning more in women than men (I'll explain it more about serotonin later).

3. Physical Development

As boys and girls enter puberty, boys become more muscular and getting closer to "ideal" for men, but girls obtain increased body fat and move away from the "ideal" for women (I'm glad it is not happening to me).

So, that is all that I have. Next good time (Inshaa Allah) I'll write some additions to complete this short paper. Thank you!

Oh, by the way.

Do I look smart to you?